Monday, 8 June 2020

7 Day Workout Plan

I'm currently 6 weeks into a 20 week challenge and with that, I designed myself a 20 week workout plan. If you watched my video all about this and wanted something to get you started, I've created a 7 day workout plan using the videos I have up on my YouTube Channel

However, if you're interested in a Custom Workout Plan then email me at to get on the waiting list for when I launch my services. 

Monday- 10 Minute Fit Test

This will be a good way to start your week, especially if you're a beginner as it's a good test to see where you're at and how hard you can push yourself. If you're a bit more experienced then do this twice through to make it a full 20 minute HIIT workout. You shouldn't need to do more than 20 minutes as the aim is to push yourself as hard as you can in a shorter amount of time. 

Tuesday- 3000 Step Workout 

Getting some steps in at the moment is pretty hard as we're spending more time at home. This was a fun little challenge I set myself to see how many steps I could do within a workout. You will need a bit more space to run back and forth so use a hallway or head outdoors! 

Wednesday- Full Body Stretch Routine

You're probably starting to feel a bit sore now, whilst it's essential to stretch before and after a workout, it doesn't always happen. So dedicating a day to stretching can be really useful. Take it easy today and stretch it out! 

Thursday- LEG HIIT 

Let's make those legs burn! You want to do this workout about 4 times through as each round is only 5 minutes. Make sure you push yourself as hard as you can because you always get that 10 second break to recover then go for it again!

Friday- IYABO Dance Workout

It's the weekend! Finish off the working with a little bit of fun. Take some time to learn this dance workout, go for as long as you like until you've got the moves down! You'll be sweaty and hopefully very happy. Aim to dance for about 20-30 minutes, feel free to put on your own playlist and bust out your own moves. 

Saturday- 10 Minute Interval Workout

Let's finish off the week strong with an interval workout. These exercises are low impact and require more focus to get those muscles working so take it slow and feel the burn. If you can, do it twice through to get a 20 minute workout in. 

Sunday- REST!

Today Just chill out and rest or repeat the stretch routine from earlier in the week. Well done if you've made it through the whole week, let me know how you get on if you try this! 

Stay Luscious 

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