Monday, 30 April 2018

Put A Spring in Your Step

It's not exactly looking like Spring here in England. We're basically into May and I've just made it through what felt like the soggiest Monday EVER. Non-stop rain and grey skies are not a vibe so I wanted to share with you how I put a spring in my step regardless of the weather. 

Spring cleaning is one of the most therapeutic things I can do and rainy days are surprisingly great for this. You wouldn't want to be stuck inside sorting through piles of mess on a lovely sunny day right? so take advantage of the rain, stick your headphones in and get some comfy clothes on- it's time to clean! 

There are endless benefits to this such as actually being active, finding that necklace you thought you'd lost and at the end you feel a sense of peace you can only get from a crisp clean room, fresh bedding and freshly shaved legs. 

Top and Bottom- ShopTobi

Music is beautiful for the soul. Some of my darkest days have been brightened by my favourite playlist, so no matter how down you're feeling, switch on some tunes and you'll be dancing in no time. 

Hang out with your favourite person. When I'm having an off day, I usually want to be alone which is okay for a little while but ultimately I know I need someone to lift me up and that's okay. Even just a quick phone call can make all the difference.

Dress up and head out. A few slobby days can have me feeling pretty crap about myself. You know those weeks where you wear your old comfy clothes, don't style your hair and abandon your skincare routine. It's always good to put a little more effort in and just head out, even if you're not going somewhere special, you'll feel A LOT better.

Let me know what puts a spring in your step!

Stay Luscious 


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