Sunday, 28 January 2018

Ask, Believe, Receive

I'm sure many of have heard about The Law of Attraction or a popular book now turned into a movie called 'The Secret'. If you haven't, then I will briefly explain. 

The law of attraction is basically when you want something in life, all you've got to do is ASK the universe (or God) (or whatever you believe in) for it. Then you have to BELIEVE that you will get whatever it is you want with all your heart. Once you've done this, BAM, you've got yourself whatever you've been dreaming of. 

So I've been aware of this 'secret' for a while and honestly when I look back at all the lovely things that have happened in my life, it truly is because I was wholeheartedly positive about the whole situation. I want to put this into practice again and today is my first day really focusing on it. 

To celebrate my first day of really making a conscious effort of practising the art of what is essentially positive thinking, I wanted to share a story where this has worked in the past and I hope it will give you the little bit of inspiration you need to try this out yourself: 

'Growing up I shared a room with my sister and I so badly wanted to have a room of my own. I love my sister and despite the odd disagreement, we got on well but as puberty hit I was dying for my own space to just be me. 

I knew my sister was set to head off to university so when she did I felt a sense of relief but the summers were long and she'd spend most of it living at home. Fast forward 3 years and she'd graduated, like many graduates she packed up and headed back home to figure out her next move. After a few months of having her back, I was miserable. 

We had lost the routine of coexisting in the same room so we often bumped heads. I started fiercely wishing for a home bigger than the 2 bedroom apartment we had been living in. Then it happened. Our landlord wanted us out as they wanted to sell, so we were left freaking out trying to find a place as affordable as our current home. 

Fast forward a few weeks of hunting and we found A HOUSE. WITH A GARDEN. AND MY OWN ROOM. I was excited but also frightened because it was considerably more expensive and at the time we were struggling with only 1 income. 

Somehow though, we managed to make it through a tough year and we were back to 3 incomes (I was still in school) and we were actually doing okay. '

Now it took a while for this to happen but I know my unwavering positive thinking helped. I had such blind faith, I had no idea how I'd ever have my own room and I couldn't stress myself to figure out how because I was too young to 1) Make an Income and 2) Make the ultimate decision on where we lived. 

I truly believe this was a result of The Law of Attraction (I am religious so instead of saying I'm asking the universe I'm just asking God) I don't think you have to be religious to put this into practice though.  

I really hope you found this little story inspiring, remember to keep your thoughts positive and don't be afraid to ASK and BELIEVE because I promise you will RECEIVE. (lmaoooo I can't believe how corny that sounds but rlly) 

Stay Luscious

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