Monday, 11 December 2017

5 Workout Week | My Best Life

How many of you remembered to take pictures of your food last week? It's a tough thing to keep up so well done if you did! I have to say a huge well done to Alice Kehoe who has been consistently posting in the App all week making our mouths water with all her delicious healthy food ideas. 

For last 2 weeks I've been running the My Best Life Challenge which is a 6 week challenge to help us all get healthier and happier as we go into the new year. As soon as the temperatures dropped below 0 this week, I knew exactly what this weeks challenge needed to be. 

This week you're going to need to complete 5 workouts instead of the usual 4. I'm sure with the cold weather, like me, you're starting to feel like taking it easy and just cuddling up with a hot tea and cake instead of killing your workout. Don't let yourself get comfortable! 5 days. 5 workouts. You've got this. 

If you need ideas, check out my workout playlist for everything from Gym workouts to HIIT routines you can do in a small space. 

Good luck this week guys! 

Stay Luscious

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