Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Helping Someone Get Healthier

I think this is something a lot of people struggle with. What to do when you notice a loved one becoming increasingly unhealthy? Do you just leave them to it and hope they make a change on their own or confront them? 

Everyone is different, so you can't use the same approach but here are a few of my suggestions. 

First of all, observe them and figure out why they turn to unhealthy habits, whether they're not active enough or they're inhaling a cake a day, why? Are they stressed? Are they depressed? because often it's better to help them tackle that problem rather barging in like "oi eat a salad and come on a run with me"

Personally, I think a confrontation is a last resort kind of thing simply because there's nothing more deflating than having someone tell you you're being unhealthy (trust me, I've been there) so leave that until you've tried everything else. 

The best way you can help a person is often leading by example. If you're sipping on a vibrant smoothie whilst their chugging their 5th can of fizzy drink that day, they will notice. If you're off for your daily run whilst they're on a Netflix binge in bed, they will notice. We adapt to our surroundings and those we spend most of our time with, so sooner or later they will show an interest in your lifestyle. 

Don't be obnoxious about it though, there's nothing worse than a health nut talking non-stop about kale and green tea. 

Ask them to join you and make it seem like they're doing YOU a favour. Say you're struggling to keep on top of your healthy lifestyle so you need a buddy to keep you in check. They might be up for it and it's a subtle way for you to encourage them but also it's great for you because lets face it, we all need that extra bit of accountability. 

Now if all else fails and you truly are worried for their health, a chat ALONE with them may just do the trick. I emphasise alone because there's nothing more embarrassing than being in a group of people and being told to be healthier (trust me, I've been there too) 

One last thing- please don't associate someone's size with being unhealthy or healthy. The way your body looks isn't the only indicator of someone's health, mostly it's their habits. Check the habits before you check the size! 

So good luck in helping your loved ones lead a healthier lifestyle! 

Stay Luscious

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