Sunday, 1 January 2017


Happy New Years! What a year 2016 was, my goodness but now it's time to slay the new year so I'm kicking it off with a challenge. 

Hopefully you've watched the video before reading this so here is a break down of The JanuSLAY challenge:

- Download my official App (just search Scola Dondo) and start sharing your journey through this challenge. 

- Use the hashtag JanuSLAY so I can keep an eye on you all on Twitter/Instagram (but I'll mainly be checking my app) (shameless plug)

- Workout at least 3 times a week BUT each workout has to be TOTALLY different. You can't do the same workout in the same week but you can repeat a workout the following week (hope this makes sense) 

- Try a new fruit/vegetable every week. Yup. Things just got REAL! Head to your supermarket and pick up something you've never tried before unless you're a total fruit & veg connoisseur, then just try a new fruit or veg recipe every week (pics or it didn't happen) 

- WATER WATER WATER (Should I really elaborate?) 

- Challenge yourself to try something new! Whether it's a pottery making class or a pole dancing class, go out and do it. 

I'll be doing cheeky giveaway's throughout the month for anyone I think who's slaying my entire existence. Now who's ready to JanuSLAY this?!

Stay Lusicous

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