Friday, 30 September 2016

How To Deal With Failure

Failure isn't an easy thing to deal with, it makes you feel inadequate and you just feel like giving up entirely. I recently failed my first ever driving test and honestly I dealt with that pretty well. I've watched friends get really down about this but I just didn't let it get it to me. So I wanted to chat about how I deal with failure. 

The first thing you should do is let yourself feel crap. Okay yeah, you failed at something whether it be a really important exam or your 56th diet attempt. You need to let yourself feel sad about this...but only for a bit. 

Next you need to figure why you failed. What did you do? did you nearly run over a pedestrian? well if so...don't do that again Scola and maybe you'll pass your next driving test. If you know why you failed then it will be an awful lot easier to avoid that next time. 

Now it's time to figure out how you're going to give it a go again. Do you need more time to prepare? maybe make a plan of action? Give yourself some time to make sure your next attempt is better than the last. 

Time to get up and try again! Failure is scary and it can make you not want to do something EVER again. Don't let fear lead your life, so what if you fail again? just keep trying! Most babies don't start walking until they're about a year old. That's a solid year of trying to get up but repeatedly falling straight on their bums. Imagine if they just gave up? we'd have a world full of adult humans crawling around...seriously.  

Remember failure isn't a bad thing. It helps you grow as a person in a way success can't. Next time you fail at something, I hope you remember that. 

Stay Luscious

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