Thursday, 25 August 2016

Staying Healthy At University

Staying healthy at university can be tricky. As some of you know, I've never been to university but I have lived and studied away from home so I kinda have an idea of how tough it is. Here's what you need to know to keep yourself in check when you go off to Uni:

Let go. Seriously, just have fun! This is probably your first time living away from home and you'll be doing a lot of socialising, you want to focus on making the best memories in the first few weeks rather than how many calories you're consuming. So let yourself have some fun during freshers. 

Right, so you've got the bulk of the partying out of the way and you're making friends. Try to join active clubs/societies. Even if you've never really played a sport, do it! Socialising is such a big part of uni so if you can stay active whilst also making friends, you're in for a winner. 

Surround yourself with healthy people. Obviously you can be friends with whoever, whatever their lifestyle is but if you find someone you get along with AND they enjoy cooking healthy meals, stick with them, you're only as good as the company you keep and all that. 

Make a plan. I know I ALWAYS say this but honestly it's so important to plan things out. Sit down, look at your budget, make a grocery list and hit up the supermarkets. If you know what meals you're going to be making then it makes it much easier to make the right choices. For example, when I lived away from home, this was what my grocery list looked like:

Coffee (sorry, can't kick the habit) 
Oats (so wonderfully cheap)
Peanut butter 

Brown Rice
Wholewheat Pasta
Baked beans
Frozen Spinach 
Other canned beans

So it looked something like that. I was so busy and focused on my course I honestly didn't mind repeating the same foods so often, I'd usually go out to eat or pick something special up for the weekends when I had more time to cook.

And last but not least, don't freak out. You're in a whole new environment and there's so much you need to adjust to. So it's understandable if you have slip ups or just give up being healthy for a week or 2 entirely. A few months in you will have settled and got yourself a little routine going so don't stress about getting it perfect the first few weeks. 

Good luck to everyone starting Uni this year!

Stay Luscious

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  1. Sweet potatoes will definitely be an essential for me in college! It's the best for a nutrient-dense and satisfying meal for any time of the day!


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