Monday, 4 April 2016

6AM Wake up call | Breaking Barriers

I hope you all managed to get your greens in last week!  I've been looking through all your posts and they've been keeping me SO motived so don't forget to keep using #ScolaBreaksBarriers

This weeks challenge is going to be really painful for me, which of course is why I included it. No pain no gain! I'm not a morning person at all, I never have been and I never will be. One time my sister woke me up for school and 30 minutes later she found me snoozing on the bathroom floor with a blanket. So clearly, mornings just aren't my thing! 

That's why this week I'm challenging myself and YOU to wake up early morning at least 3 times this week to get a workout done. You can't wake up any later than 6am, so say goodbye to your lie in! and if you wake up at that time for work or school anyway, then you've got to get up at 5am! Simple. 

Going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier will help make you feel more accomplished, so let's do this! I might be doing a sneaky giveaway this week so make sure you've got me on Snapchat (ScolaDondo) and snap me when you've finished your early morning workouts! Make sure to include the time filter too so I can make sure it's morning! 

Outfit from- MyProtein

Stay Luscious

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