Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites

March has absolutely flown by which I'm actually very happy about because I just need it to be summer right NOW! But I wanted show you some of the stuff I've been loving this month. 

The White Chocolate Flavdrops from MyProtein have changed my life. I add these to my hot drinks almost everyday and it's safe to say I'm obsessed. You can also add them to your oats, smoothies, milkshakes, baking...the list is endless! You're just a drop or two away from some guilt-free yumminess

Last year I started a love affair with Ted Baker (not the guy...just the stuff) I am seriously in love with all things Ted Baker and it's bizarre that before this I actually didn't own anything from them myself. For Christmas I got my mother a gorgeous rose gold necklace from TB and for my boyfriends birthday I got him a simple bracelet from TB too. So when I saw this little gift set in Boots I had to treat myself, one of the products I've been loving from the gift set is the hand lotion. March has been a mix of sunny weather and super chilly nights which tend to dry out my hands so this has been a life saver. 

Throughout this month I've found myself reaching for my iFit Classic fitness tracker a lot more. The main thing I love about this watch is the design, it is just so gorgeous! I guess you could describe my style as Sports Luxe so this is just perfect for me. Not to mention it's also tracking everything I do? LOVE IT.  

Organisation is something I used to be amazing at when I was going to school. Now that I'm self-employed I find myself getting overwhelmed. I've tried apps, reminders, post-it notes and more but it just doesn't seem to get me on top of things. I found these beautiful printables on Etsy so I thought I might see how planners work for me, I haven't gone as far as getting a full on planner but if these go well I might just invest in a planner, stickers and everything to get me organised. 

You guys know I'm an absolute dreamer. I love to dream of what I want to do in the future and my top dream at the moment is travel. I'm itching to experience different cultures and just be taken out of the little bubble that I'm in right now. Not to mention my vitamin D deficiency, which is a clear sign I need to go somewhere sunny ASAP. So that's why my phone screen looks like this, it keeps me working hard and chasing my dreams. 

Stay Luscious


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  1. I'm in love with that watch! I had a white one as well but it broke on the surface :'(


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