Monday, 21 March 2016

Breaking Barriers | 6 Week Challenge

Recently I got a very surprising diagnosis which you can find out more about here and it had me feeling a little deflated but not for long! I've decided to break through this barrier and set myself a little challenge. Of course I couldn't do it all on my own so you're all joining me, right? 

What you need to know:

- The challenge will last 6 weeks, Monday 21st of March until Monday 2nd of May! 
- You need to set yourself 3 main goals to achieve in the 6 weeks, 1 is fitness related and the others can be whatever you want them to be. 
- Each week I will set you a new challenge to complete just like I have in past challenges
- There will be random giveaways throughout the challenge to keep you motivated 
- Use the hashtag #ScolaBreaksBarriers when you're posting about the challenge on Twitter & Instagram so I can find you easily 

Okay, I think that's pretty much it! I've done my weigh in this morning and I'm excited to start this! 

This weeks Challenge:


This is one of my favourite challenges from my last few challenges. Basically, you have to complete 5 workouts this week. That means 5 days of exercise! On a normal week, I tend to workout 4 days at the most so this should be fun. The workout has to be 10 minutes minimum so if you're tight for time, a quick HIIT routine in your room before you take a shower will be good enough! NO EXCUSES! 

If you're in, then tweet me or instagram me using #ScolaBreaksBarriers with your main goal for this challenge!

Full Outfit- MyProtein 

Stay Luscious


  1. I'm glad that you are powering through your diagnosis:) I will take the challenge. I'll start exercising soon. Can't wait for more. X candace

  2. I'm totally in! I never miss out on a workout unless if I really have to for an emergency. Working out just makes me feel amazing! #ScolaBreaksBarriers


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