Saturday, 30 January 2016

Let's Play

This is my first ever fashion post here on my blog! I've always loved fashion but for some reason I've never loved it on me. I think being overweight when I was younger made it really hard for me to find my own style and wear things I want to wear. 

This outfit for example is a tricky one for me because it shows a lot of thigh! The camera is being very forgiving as they are covered in cellulite and stretch marks from my bigger days. I know these are insecurities many girls battle with. I'm on a journey to accept myself and I realise some things just come with age, so I have no doubt as I get older, I'll get more comfortable within my skin and with my style. 

Playsuit- BNKR Boots- New Look Jakcet- TopShop Activity Tracker- Misfit Shine

Stay Luscious


  1. You are so inspiring to girls in our age group. Honestly I think you look fabulous :-) . Loving the boots 👢!! Fierce x

  2. I love that outfit looks very good on you


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