Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Should you be eating Sugar?

I'm currently running the Fitmas challenge, a 24 day challenge to maintain your health during the holiday season. I'm kicking it off with 4 days of no refined sugars. 

What are refined sugars? 

This is when raw sugar is put through a process where it is stripped of impurities. Refined sugar contains empty calories, there are no valuable nutrients or minerals. They can even drain the body of nutrients due to their demanding digestion process in the body. They also tend to spike your blood sugar which can leave you with severe energy crashes causing you to crave more sugar. 

How do I look out for refined sugars?

The terms sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose dextrose, lactose, molasses, honey, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice concentrates, cane crystals and corn sweetener all indicate the presence of refined sugars.

What are natural sugars?

So I bet you're wondering what sugars you can actually eat. Generally speaking, naturally occurring sugars, like those from fruit, are less detrimental to your health. Some of my favourite naturally sugary foods include Dates, Maple Syrup and Honey (though these are considered refined as well, they contain vital nutrients) I'm not saying you should eat them all day, everyday but they are certainly a good alternative. 

Sugar in Fruit

A lot of people ask me if it's okay to eat fruits...uhm...YEAH! Fruits not only contain natural sugars but also lots of other valuable nutrients that aid in the digestion of those sugars. Don't be afraid to eat your fruit!

The Challenge

Cut out any refined/added sugars! That means you'll need to check the labels on EVERYTHING. Even savoury foods that you wouldn't even dream of containing sugar, have a little bit in there. Stick to fruit, honey, maple syrup, stevia! This challenge will help make you more aware of what's in your foods and also encourage you to prepare your own meals more often. 

But remember, everything in moderation! You're still allowed sugar! Just find a good balance. 

Stay Luscious

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