Wednesday, 9 September 2015

You're Never Too Young to Succeed

So it's back to school season and lots of you are off to University. Today I was walking around London with my friend and we got to talking about University and being young in general so I wanted to share this for today's blog post! 

From a young age I stumbled into the world of Youtube and Blogging. This has opened up so many doors for me which I am forever thankful for. Though I've started to notice how young I am in this world of business. 

Most of the people I come across are well into their 20's, granted there are a few people my age but time after time I'm labeled a 'baby' as I'm still in my teens (only for another month though! eeek!) I don't mind this, in fact it makes me feel like a total overachiever (which is new to me because I certainly didn't feel like that in school!)

My elders constantly give me advice on 'enjoying myself' and 'not to stress too much'. I get where they're coming from, you'll never get a time where you get free food and 6 weeks off during summer doing nothing. But It almost feels like I'm being discouraged to reach my full potential now.

I completely understand this but man do I love what I do. My parents worked extremely hard to give me a good life and I'm going to work just as hard if not harder to pay them back. Not to mention I just have a fire in my belly to do something good in this world.

Just like any other teenager, I love to have a drink (don't worry, it's legal for over 18's to drink in the UK) and go out with my friends BUT I'm not interested in doing that for the next few years of my life, 5 days a week. It's just not me and I don't like the pressure to live out that same ideal. I'm happy being 19 going on 30. That's just me. 

No matter how hard you party and enjoy being young, you will always miss your younger years and you will always feel like you should've enjoyed it more. 

Remember guys, you're never too young to succeed! Whether you want to be a singer, writer, stunt man...whatever! Go for it whilst you still have the energy to. This world has a way of sucking the passion out of people, so go for it whilst you still have the naivety of a child but the wits of an adult. 

Stay Healthy

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