Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Before

On September the 1st I will be embarking on an exciting journey- my very first Photoshoot prep. I've been wanting to challenge myself with something for a while and this seemed like the perfect way to motivate myself. 

Before starting with the challenge, I wanted to do some 'before' shots. So that I can see how much progress I would've made by the end of these 8 weeks. I did a photoshoot in London by Southbank with Katarina Bell and she got some amazing shots despite how bad I am at posing. 

I'm actually not too fussed about how I will look at the end of this journey, I'm more excited to get stronger, fitter and more knowledgeable. Of course I'm excited to have abs again though! 

Anyway guys, take a good look at me now because I wont be looking like this for much longer!

Stay Healthy


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