Saturday, 5 September 2015

How to Get Yourself into a Good Mood

Do you have those days where it feels impossible to be positive? I know I do! Some days I just lie in my bed eating and watching Netflix. So typical, I know. 

These days are toxic because they can very easily turn into 2 days, a week and then a whole month flies by where you just feel blue. With the weather turning crisper and the days getting shorter, it's easier to feel down and stay down (unless you love the Autumn season as much as I do! )

  • Wake up with positive thoughts. Even if it's 6am, dark outside and cold, tell yourself it's going to be a GREAT day. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, take that time out to get yourself mentally prepared for the day.
  • STOP thinking negative. So often we feel comfortable feeling or expecting the worst. It means there is no room for disappointment but this is such a bad way to go about life. Be positive and expect the best, you'll be surprised how a positive outlook can create a positive life. 
  • Be Kind. Just because you feel crappy doesn't mean everyone else should. Compliment everyone around you and smile. Making others happy is the fastest way to boosting your mood. You feel all fuzzy and warm inside. 
  • Let yourself be down. Sometimes it's okay to feel sad or negative. Without negative feelings, we wouldn't know how great positive feelings are (I mean have you watched Inside Out the movie?!) 
Anyhoo, I hope these little tips will keep you feeling positive when things get tough. 

Stay Healthy

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