Saturday, 12 September 2015

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday | #MySportsPhilosophy

One of my all time favourite quotes is 'Be better than you were yesterday' this quote came to me at a time where I would compare myself to everyone I came across. The quote helped me focus on myself and not on others. 

Recently fitness bloggers have come under attack, which had to be expected. The majority of us spread a positive message and you're always going to have negative people trying to poison what's good. This recent negativity sparked the #MySportsPhilosophy campaign so today I want to share with you what my sports philosophy is. 

I believe that you should never compare yourself to someone else, its highly damaging and will leave you feeling bad about yourself. It's always so easy to see the best in others, especially when you don't really know them, whereas with yourself, you know all your flaws. 

That's why I believe you should always work to be better than you were yesterday, you're constantly improving but staying true to yourself.

Stay Healthy

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