Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Le Pain Quotidien | London Eats

Recently I was doing a photo shoot down by Southbank in London. I was surrounded with all kinds of gorgeous food smells but I knew I had to be good and find a Vegan friendly restaurant. I've been doing The Daniel Fast which is a spiritual fast that restricts you from eating quite a lot. So it's a little more intense than the Vegan diet. 

I came across Le Pain Quotidien and I was over the moon to find they had a symbol system showing Vegan friendly meals on the menu. 

The Staff were beyond lovely! As I mentioned, The Daniel Fast is a little more intense than the everyday Vegan diet, I had to have the waiter check the ingredients list to make sure there was no sugar or chemicals added to my meal. The lovely waiter spent a good 10 if not 15 minutes scouring through the ingredients book and asking colleagues. 

Eventually, I found the Quinoa Cake to be the best option. It included some mashed sweet potato, quinoa, beetroot and avocado. It was surprisingly delicious, though I couldn't help but drool at my sisters chicken club sandwich. 

I really recommend this place for anyone looking for a delicious healthy meal out and great customer service. 

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