Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to Deal with Weight Gain

Once I began my weight loss journey, I quickly realised my weight would never stay at one number for the rest of my life. Your weight will fluctuate everyday and that's completely fine. 

Recently I've been going through a few health problems that have caused me to gain weight over the past year or so. Many of you have been super lovely about my weight gain and I really appreciate that. So how have I come to accept weight gain?

It's not easy, especially coming out of a weight loss journey, gaining weight can become your worst nightmare but you can't let that happen! 

  1. Remember you're human. You're allowed to take a break from exercise and healthy eating. You're allowed to gain weight. It's okay. 
  2. Life is looooong. You can't expect yourself to maintain this exact body for the rest of your life. You will have ups and downs and that's just a part of life.
  3. As long as you feel fit and healthy, who cares what the number on the scale is? 
  4. In fact you should probably get rid of that scale if it's causing you more harm than good. 
  5. You are so beautiful. Inside and out. Just ask your family and friends, they love you and they don't care whether you've gained weight, so why should you? 
I hope these little reminders help you to come to terms with weight gain.  know I might be a little bigger now but that's okay. I still love my body. I know I can lose weight whenever I want but I know I'm happy with myself no matter what weight I am. 

Stay Healthy

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