Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Travelling PT

Today I thought I'd give you guys an insight into what I get up to during the week. As some of you may know, I'm a personal trainer and so I'm basically living my dream. It sounds extremely corny but helping others achieve their goals is just the most fulfilling thing I could possibly do. 

When I first qualified I decided to be a self-employed gym based PT. This was fun in the beginning but I started feeling the pressure of the environment. This works for some but for me I very much felt like in gym franchises, it's all about quantity over quality. So I decided to go at it alone and be completely freelance. 

I felt like a bird in a cage and now I'm finally free. I love to explore new places so I love dashing all over London to train my clients. It keeps me on my toes and just makes life so exciting. In the morning I might be in East London and by afternoon I'm running around a park in South London. 

So lets talk fashion. Sometimes I can't spend the whole day in lycra, especially if I've got a few meetings to go to or I'm meeting up with a friend for lunch. So I've been creative with my outfit choices. I tend to opt for black workout tights because they go with anything and I always wear a pair of trainers so I'm ready for whatever the day has to offer. When it comes to the tops I try to make it a little more fancy, so here I'm wearing a high neck grey sleeveless top with a flannel shirt tied around my waist. It's a little awkward but it means all I have to do is change my top for sessions. 

Its not everyday dashing around London though! Some days are laptop days. I knew as soon as I qualified that I wanted to do online training as well, it means I can help a lot more people! I still feel like I'm travelling even sitting at my laptop because I speak to people from all over the world! I love it! 

So that's a little insight into what I get up to! 

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Top- New Look
Leggings- USA Pro
Shoes- Nike
Duffel Bag- Clashist

Hair- ShopCatFace

Thank you to Mariette for the amazing photography! 

Stay Healthy

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