Saturday, 18 July 2015

Festival Workout

If you're heading to a festival this summer, you've got to be prepared. Whether you need to get people of your way or run to the main stage, this workout has got you covered. 

Here's a breakdown of the workout, so you can try it out at home!

Festival Jump | 30 Seconds 

Festival Super Jump | 30 Seconds

Tinkle Squat 20 reps | (hold squat for 20 seconds on the last rep) 

Shove 'em in the face | 10-20 reps (you can do these on your knees) 

Smack 'em out the way | 40 Seconds 

Main Stage Dash | 30 Seconds

Duck n' Weave | 15 reps

Roll up | 20 reps

Crowd Surf | 30 seconds 

Take a 10 second break between each exercise and repeat the workout 3 times. 

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