Monday, 6 April 2015

Deadlifts, Breakfast & Spring

Last week I felt a lot better about myself and it wasn't even because I made any kind of progress. It was simply because I trained and felt good about it! Last week was filled with spin classes, lifting sessions and my very first circuit class that I taught at the gym I work in. 

Deadlifts are quickly becoming my favourite lift. Why? because I suck at them! Squats are easy and I remember how on my first weighted squat, I managed to go up to 70kg with ease simply because my quads just don't quit girl! But deadlifts are more of a full body movement and so I really struggle with them. My 1RPM on a deadlift is 60kg and my goal is 100kg. This week I was dong reps of 6 with 45kg for as many sets as possible before failure. I felt so weak man! Though since I got some new lifting gloves from MyProtein things have gotten a lot better as I can focus more on the lift and less on the bar pinching my hand. 

Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day and if you've been following me on instagram for a while, you know it's my favourite meal to take pics of. Though since the early mornings kicked in, my love for breakfast slipped away and I'd just resorted to plain porridge to get my day started. Last week though, I found myself more excited to whip up some colourful meals and I think it's due to the sun streaming through my window each morning rather than waking up to a pitch black winter morning. 

As you guys probably know, I've been a huge Blogilates fan for a long time now and she was kind enough to send me her new book HOT BODY YEAR ROUND! I've already started reading it and I know you guys are going to love it! Cassey is such a lovely and supportive person, I'm so excited for her!

Anyhoo guys, that's all for this week and if you wanted to pick up some lifting gloves or any other fitness accessories go over to and use the code SCOLA10 to get 10% off and SCOLA10US if you're in the U.S! 

Stay Healthy


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