Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lifting, Germany & Protein Ice cream!

This week was an...okay week. Again, I'm being harsh on myself because I know how dedicated I can be. I talk a lot about not comparing yourself to others and now I'm thinking the same goes for comparing yourself to yourself! 

I constantly beat myself up for not being as fit as I was when I was 16. I'm turning 20 this year (ew I'm getting old) and I feel like I'm just not as dedicated. BUT I have to stop myself right there because when I was 16, all I had to worry about was school. Now though, I've just started my own business, I have several projects on the go and basically I just have a lot of responsibilities. I'm not using this as an excuse not to get fitter, I'm just reminding myself why it's harder for me now. 

That being said, I got a few runs in this week and a LIFTING SESSION! As I mentioned before, I'm obsessed with Power lifting and so I finally got a chance to test out my strengths. I wasn't dead lifting 100kg just yet but I felt GREAT and my sore glutes can confirm this. 

Finally I got to test out the Wheyhey Protein Ice cream! Oh my gosh I need all the tubs of this stuff! I'm always wary of protein products because in all honesty some can taste like butt. This stuff though, tasted just like ice cream without leaving me feeling bloated and icky. Loved it! 

So it's official! I'm coming to Germany early April! As it stands, I'll only be doing a meet up in Frankfurt though If you're in Cologne, let me know as I may do a meet up there too. Comment below and let me know!

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