Sunday, 15 March 2015

Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes, Sushi and Geovanna Antoinette

So I thought it was about time for a fitness update. I always say I will keep you guys updated on my progress here on my blog but I always forget! I promise this time I will though...pinky promise! 

I make no secret of the fact that I'm up and down like a yo-yo. One minute I have abs and the next minute I'm struggling to pull up my skinny jeans over my ever growing glutes. I wish it were muscle but we all know it's that bag of crisps (or chips for my Americans) that I ate last night during my Youtube video marathon. 

This week has been a good progress week though, despite a few slip-ups, I've gotten some intense workout sessions in and I managed to do a meal prep at the beginning of the week that kept me on track. 


I started the week off doing some Tabata routines. Tabata is basically a 4 minute workout where you do 20 seconds of intense exercise and then you get a 10 second break. I posted one up on my App

I went for a few runs which felt GREAT! I bloody love running, the build up always sucks but once I'm in my stride I feel so FREE. That being said, my knees are already showing signs of being worn out due to the fact I've been running long distance since the beginning of my weight loss journey...5 years of running! So I need to ease up.

To ease up the pressure on my knees, I've started spinning! I'm a qualified spin instructor so I thought hey! why not put myself through a few spin sessions. I love the results you get from spin's painful! I'll probably start teaching spin classes at my gym soon too. 

Food glorious fooooood

If I could eat Chocolate covered rice cakes and Sushi everyday, I would! It's all I've been craving lately. Chocolate covered rice cakes are not too bad for you, especially if you opt for Dark Chocolate! These Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes are perfection. I'm still not eating enough though! I'm always on the go so I put off eating for far too long, this has been the main reason I haven't made much progress lately but not to worry! I've set myself a meal plan that should definitely help. 

Geovanna Antoinette and Power lifting 

I've been subscribed to Geo for a while now and mostly enjoyed the videos her and her boyfriend, Bart, made on random topics. Recently though, she started posting more clips of her Power lifting progress and it's safe to say I am OBSESSED.  I haven't felt inspired to do anything new with my fitness in a long time and now all I can think about is lifting heavy things! Last week was crazy and so the only time I got my hands on some weights was to set up my clients sessions, but hopefully this week I'll get a solid lifting session in. 

Anyhoo, with the sun coming out more often, I'm feeling more inspired and ready to hit my goals. Let me know if you enjoyed this little update and if you'd like them to be weekly!

Stay Healthy


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