Sunday, 22 March 2015

Passing Out, Life Saving Banana and Sore Muscles

Another week has passed and I STILL don't feel 100% with my routine. I think what I need to do is accept that my schedule will never be structured and will always be random, after all, I am the one who decided on such a hectic lifestyle! 


I only got 3 workouts in this week and that may sound okay to some but my workout time is my therapy time. Working out keeps me sane! 

I did a leg routine yesterday that included 3 tabata routines and then a 15 minute leg blaster! As I type I can feel my leg muscles crying out for some morning stretches! The workout ended with me lying on the floor feeling like I was going to throw up and pass out. Scary! but the spotty banana you see above, saved me! I hadn't realised I had not fuelled up enough before my workout. Bananas are always my go to pre and post workout snacks. 


My diet really wasn't too bad this week! woohoo! There were days where I certainly wasn't eating enough so I'm on the hunt for SUPER easy portable foods. I'm thinking of whipping up some mason jar meals for next week as I can eat them on the go. 

I think as it gets warmer outside it will be easier to eat my own foods out and about because now when I go out with friends, we want to seek shelter from the cold so we go somewhere to eat but once spring finally sets in, I think picnics will be the way to go!

Side note: I got to try the new MyProtein My Bar Zero and oh my goodness, pop it in the microwave and you've got yourself a guilt free treat! You can get it here-

Now I'm off to plan for this week ahead!

Stay Healthy

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