Friday, 21 November 2014

Week 2 | Becoming a Personal Trainer

Week 2 on the course was mainly focused on getting our assessments done. Before you qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, you must qualify as a Level 2 Fitness instructor. As many of you know, I already qualified as a Level 2 Fitness instructor back in Summer so I didn't have to take these assessments, so the first 2 weeks were just revision for me. 

Me and Aj never fail to charm our way to a free drink!

One thing I have to say is this course is 10 times better than my previous one, I'm not trying to throw shade but I felt more knowledge got wedged into my brain this time around than before. This is mostly down to the great tutors! Nick and Dan. In all of my academic life, I have never come across such passionate teachers! 

Nights in London are so beautiful.

Anyhoo, I'm starting to get used to the early mornings and squeezing myself onto a train even if it's tightly packed. I guess you could say I am now officially a Londoner! 

For more information about my course, check out The Training Room.

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