Monday, 5 May 2014

Temptations & Cravings | #MotivationMonday

I'm lucky enough to not have frequent cravings, so I promise you that these hard times will come to an end and one day your body will get used to the healthy lifestyle you're slowly building. 

Though I have to admit, the early days of my healthy lifestyle were difficult! Trying not to give in to temptations was like trying not to pee after downing a litre of water! Impossible I tell you! So hopefully my latest video will help you out: 

Here's the printout I mentioned that you can stick up on your fridge or snack cupboard: 

OH and here's something super useful I found that will help you tell the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger: 

It's crazy how much our emotions can effect us! So here's a quick tip: WORKOUT! 
I'm sure you all know by now the fantastic mood a workout can put you in. Ever noticed on those days where you skip a workout how down you feel? and how you're more likely to turn to those naughty foods? Mmmmhhmmm *head roll* So make sure you're working out! 

Stay Healthy



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