Monday, 12 May 2014

Overeating extra tips | Motivation Monday

Overeating is something I have always struggled with but over time I have managed to control my never ending hunger. 

So I mentioned  a couple of tips in the video but I felt I needed to add extra tips:

Overeating can be emotional

You may not realise it but you might be overeating due to your emotions. I tend to overeat when I am stressed or upset- basically any negative emotion, I deal with it by eating as much as humanly possible.

The good thing is I have now identified that I do this, so I have fought to find other emotional outlets such as running. Honestly, running has changed my life when it comes to overeating. If I find myself getting upset or stressed and it looks like I'm about to destroy and inhale the contents of my kitchen, I'll get my Nike's on and run as far away from the food as possible. 

Running also gives me the time to think about why I'm stressed or upset and calms me down, by the end of the run I would have sorted all my problems out and I feel ready to tackle anything that comes my way. 

So my tip is to find an emotional outlet, it doesn't have to be a workout, it can be anything you genuinely love to do. 

Reduce the amount of food you buy

If you have some control over your groceries, reduce the amount of food you buy! A good way of doing this is by first making a daily meal plan and then go out and buy only enough for that weeks worth of meals. 

A good example of how this works is- for me personally, when its coming up to the end of the month and my family are due our monthly big grocery trip, It seems the fridge and the cupboards are just empty. If I want to overeat, I'd have to go through the trouble of cooking a meal which would take 30 minutes or more. 


Often when you start a weight loss journey or any kind of 'get healthy' journey, you think you need to restrict a lot, which is so not true. You can still indulge in some treats here and there and of course you don't have to live off 500 calories a day! Under eating leads to overeating eventually! Just eat a healthy balanced diet, I promise you will be better off. 

Stay Healthy


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