Thursday, 15 May 2014

Healthy Study Snacks

So exam season is upon us and I know we're all freaking out and stressing but I want you all to stay in control and not let that stress get the better of you!

Hopefully these healthy study snacks will give you ideas on how to stay on track in these trying times. 

Banana Almond Butter wrap

  • Seeded tortilla wrap- 190 calories
  • Small Banana- 90 calories
  • Almond Butter (tbs)- 90 calories
= 370 calories 

Avocado Chicken Crackers 

  • Crackers- 30 cals (x3)
  • Avocado- 60 cals 
  • Chicken slice- 30 cals
= 120 calories

Salad portion
= 75 calories

Snack mix

  • Almonds- 50 cals
  • Chocolate covered raisins- 70 cals
  • Dried cranberries- 40 cals
= 160 calories

Stay Healthy


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