Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Healthy Balsamic Garlic Chicken and Rice Recipe

As some of you know, when I first started losing weight I didn't have a great support system but as time went on and my family realised how serious I was about my health, they started helping me out. 

My mum was a huge help as she's such a magnificent cook! Honestly, I wish I could invite you all round for dinner just to taste her amazing creations. Anyhoo, my mum would make me this lovely dinner ready for when I got home from school as she knew I liked having early dinners. Our schedules were a little different so often she'd be off to work as I was coming home from school. 

She started making this Brown Rice, Broccoli and White Fish Fillet meal which was heavenly! She'd make the broccoli all lovely by mixing it up with balsamic vinegar and garlic then squeezing some lemon on the white fish fillet. Unfortunately, we've run out of White Fish Fillets so I substituted it with some Chicken breast. (If you want to see the full White Fish Fillet Recipe, just let me know below!) 

Here's a list of the Ingredients you will need with the prices attached according to Tesco (that's where we do our groceries) 

Brown Rice £2.50  (per portion 4p)
Frozen Broccoli £1 (per portion 20p) 
Frozen Spinach £1.50   (per portion 12p) 
Mini Chicken Breast Fillets £2.50 (per portion 50p) 
Balsamic Vinegar  £1.50 ( 5p) 
Garlic cloves 13p (per clove 2p) 
Onion 16p
(Seasoning of your choice)

= £1.09 per meal!! 

Stay Healthy


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