Friday, 18 April 2014

Bikini Confidence

So I thought I'd try something a little bit different on my blog and write about my progress! 

February 2014 Progress Pictures

Sure, I've been done with my weight loss journey for almost...2 years now! Oh my goodness, time flies! But when I started my weight loss journey I wrote a list of everything I wanted to achieve. What's interesting is I've achieved a lot of the physical goals such as running a mile, completing 10 push ups and so on, those all seem so simple to me now as a mile feels like a gentle stroll and 10 push ups are just a nice little warm up...if not a cool down (haha) 

But when It comes to all the psychological goals, I'm still trying to tick them off the list. They include wearing shorts in public as well as dresses and crop tops- pretty much anything that would show off my body. Other things on the list included being more social and less shy, so basically the gist of my psychological goals is CONFIDENCE or more specifically BODY CONFIDENCE. 

I still struggle with my body confidence a huge amount, some days are better than some but I know I'm really not practicing what I preach. I encourage others to be body confident yet I refuse to wear shorts in public (though I did one time) (such a thrill!) 

Summer 2012, I went to
a local park in maa shorts! 
I assume this was Autumn 2012, I went to college
in my shorts but it doesn't really count because I'm
wearing tights...not quite as daunting.

Anyhoo, what I'm trying to say is I'm still on a journey of self-love and all that malarkey. Summer is coming up and I've decided not only do I want to tick off all those little goals but the most daunting of them all- WEARING A BIKINI IN PUBLIC AND FROLIC IN SAID BIKINI  *gasps* *faints* 

Don't get me wrong, I have worn a bikini in public but not nearly as much as I'd like to and when I did, I was much too aware of myself and of what others thought of me. I wear dresses...occasionally. Though I can successfully say I will wear a crop top any day quite happily(!!!) 

The only bodycon dress I own.
See! I have no problem getting the old
belly out. 

Oh! some of you may be majorly confused as I actually have pictures of me in shorts, dresses and even one of me in a bikini. Pictures are very different to real life, pictures you get to capture your best side, same with videos but in real life its just authentic, raw and as real as it gets. 

A very rare bikini picture that you can now find floating around tumblr attached to a
before picture! I remember I took this quite late at night with only my lamp on so the shadows hit just right!
The next bikini picture I will take will be as bright and HD as possible!
Every detail visible...oh man.

SO after a lot of rambling (I hope I didn't bore you too much) I will be posting about my progress, both physically and psychologically. I'm sure Summer 2014 has a lot of exciting stuff in store for me so I want to be prepared. 

Stay healthy


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