Tuesday, 11 February 2014

What Do I Eat?

I always get the question, what do I eat? 
So, I've decided to start a weekly blog post on what I've had to eat in the week. I post a lot of my foods on Instagram, so maybe you might have seen the meals already but here I will be listing not only the foods, but also the nutritional information and calories.

Here we go: 

2 Ingredient Pancakes and Berries 

 I'm sure you've all heard of the 2 ingredient pancakes but basically they're just 1 ripe banana and 2 eggs! Blend together until the mixture is similar to a normal pancake mixture, then cook them in a non-stick pan using coconut oil, 1 cal spray oil or any other healthy alternative! 

I used frozen summer fruit berries on top- I just defrosted them in the microwave and served them warm. 

£$ Budget Tip: Frozen fruits are cheaper than fresh fruits and last much longer!

Afternoon Peanut butter snack

You guys know I LOVE my nut butters! Now stop right there if you're thinking "But peanut butter is unhealthy" it isn't! it has a lot of nutritional benefits, granted you get the organic kind and not the overly processed sugary kind. 

I love this snack because banana and peanut butter go together like a dream and the airy texture of the rice cake is perfect to keep this snack light. 

Fruit Bowl 

This was literally the highlight of my day! All the different colours made me so happy! 

So lets see...KiwiRaspberries
Pomegranate and a Satsuma

What more can i say other than YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM.

So this is just a preview of what I ate through the week, would you be interested in more posts like this with more information on nutrition and calories? I no longer count calories hence why there are no calories listed but I wouldn't mind adding that in for those of you that do! 

Let me know below,

Stay Healthy



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