Saturday, 22 February 2014

Made from Earth | Review

I like to look after my skin and the main way I look after it is through what I put into my body. I always make sure I eat healthy and clean so that my skin will look it's best but it wasn't until I heard of Made from Earth that I realised I wasn't being as particular with the products I put ON my skin. 

Made from Earth products are Organic, Holistic and Chemical free...just how I like my food! So why not have products with the same principals? 

I'll start off with the Lavender calm body lotion! I usually use this an hour before I go to bed because the smell can be quite overpowering so I like to let the smell settle on my skin before I hop into bed. The lotion is nice and thick so it really does moisturize which is perfect for Winter as I often have the heating on which really drys my skin out, but putting this lotion on keeps my skin moisturized through the night and calms me down for a restful night. 
Next up is the Vanilla Lip Balm. When I first opened this up I wasn't too impressed as the formula seemed too hard and wasn't moisturizing at all. BUT! I carried on using it and it turns out it just needed to be softened up after one or two uses. Whilst it kept my lips moisturized, the product left my lips with a white sort of sheen that made my lips look dry where as I like my lips to have a shiny moisturized look. 

The Rooibos Tea Face Scrub and Vitamin C Moisturizer are a great combo! The scrub isn't too harsh, it just lightly exfoliates whilst moisturizing at the same time, not to mention the lovely sweet smell that reminds me of Rooibos tea. The moisturizer is nice and light, the only downside being is its probably more of a summer product for my skin because during the winter my skin can get super dry so I need thicker creams to keep my skin hydrated. 
 Last but certainly not least, the Oatmeal Spice Soap. The smell of this soap is so warm and comforting! My whole bathroom smelt of seasonal spices. The soap doesn't dry you out either, nor does it leave your skin with that weird rubbery feeling. This is definitely my favourite!! I don't know what more to say other than I almost ate it...but I didn't...but it smelt so yummy! 

Oh and did I mention their products are completely animal cruelty free?! Yay! 

Check out the Made from Earth website for more awesome Organic, Holistic and Chemical free products-

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