Saturday, 25 January 2014

My Current Workout Routine

We're 3 weeks into 2014 and I feel like I have a solid routine in place. Admittedly, I went way off track during the holiday season but I have NO regrets. That's the thing about a healthy lifestyle...its a lifestyle! It will last as long as my lifetime so It's fine to not be totally perfect 365 days a year! 

Anyhoo, my goals have been very much about getting my legs toned and my body fat percentage down. In previous years, I've always focused on my ab area and I feel comfortable with my progress there but I've never put much effort into getting my legs the way I want them to be- that being said I am HAPPY with my body! I don't hate it like i used to! 

"Be happy with what you have whilst working for what you want" 

So I'm going to take you through my workout routine i've been doing for the past 3 weeks:

Monday- Leg day

As most of you know I go to college (not university) (look up the British school system hahaa) So on a Monday, I get home at around 5. I try to get my workout in before I eat dinner, so by 5:30pm I'm changed and ready to workout. The motivation doesn't come easy either.

If it's not raining, then i'll go outside and skip(jump rope) for 20 minutes, which on average for me burns 300+ calories. There's an awesome app called 'Jump rope workout' you can find in the app store! You put in your weight so it calculates how many calories you burn based on that, its pretty accurate! After 20 minutes of that, I work on my legs.

My Leg circuit:

  • Alternating Jump Lunges x10
  • Jump Squats x10 (I jump up onto my patio which is a few inches higher then jump down)
    I then repeat this 5 times so i end up doing 50 of each.
  • Surfers x20 (I squat down like a surfer then jump to the opposite side) 
  • Weighted Squats x50 and Pulse Squats x20 (I use dumbbell weights) 

Tuesday- Pure Cardio

I get home at 4pm on a Tuesday which gives me lots more time and it means I have a lot more energy. Today is just a pure cardio day, I do nothing else but run! This is because i genuinely enjoy running, it's so relaxing and it just clears my mind. 

If it's not raining then I will go out for a run but for the past few months its rained so much my running route is way too muddy to run on properly so i've been taking advantage of the treadmill we have in the gym room.../laundry room hahaa. (Though I prefer outdoor running)

I will go on the treadmill for 30 minutes and burn 400+ calories. I usually go for speed rather than distance when I'm on the treadmill because this will help tone my muscles more effectively, whereas when i'm outdoors, I go for distance and trust the many uphill and downhill routes will help tone my muscles. 

Wednesday- Training day/Active rest day

As some of you know, I'm training to be a Fitness instructor! And it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not physically...that's the easy part! But mentally, there's so much to learn about the human body and fitness- Its amazing. 

I usually get my workout in during my fitness instructor practical class. I also see this as my active rest day because I usually don't do as much as I would in a normal workout. Usually my session consists of free weights, rowing machine and various resistance machines. This is the only time I workout in a gym. 

I'm home super early today, usually around 1pm, so later in the day I might do a quick 10 minute ab workout. 

Thursday- Toning up 

I'm usually home by 4pm, so I have extra time to tone up random parts of my body I feel I'm neglecting. I usually hop on the treadmill for 20 minutes, which burns 300+ calories for me. 

Then I do some Plyometrics- so stuff like Burpees, Squat jumps, Mountain Climbers, Jumping lunges, Bicycle crunches and so on... really intense moves that tone up your whole body and work up a sweat!

Friday- Toning up 

Fridays are awesome because I don't start lessons until 12:30pm, so I have a nice lie in, have my breakfast(watch cartoons) and then by 10am I'm ready to start my workout.  It's pretty much similar to Thursday but I only go on the treadmill for 15 minutes, which still burns 300+ calories because I go muuuch faster but for a shorter length of time. 

Then I tend to do calmer toning up exercises. You guys know I'm a huge fan of Blogilates, I've been doing her workouts for years now! So I usually do some of her workouts which are so relaxing and calm but they BURN! 

Saturday- Pure Cardio

Just like Tuesday, I just go for a run for roughly 30 minutes. Why? because i love it! I usually make more of an effort to go for an outdoor run, even if it is muddy, it just relaxes me. Also, it's not dark for once! During the week, by the time I get home it's already so dark outside but on the weekend I can head out before the sun sets.

Sunday- Rest Day

Sunday is my rest day, so that means I can just chill out buuuut, I tend to slip in a quick 5 minute ab session in the morning or just before bed. 

So there you have it! My current workout routine. 
As time goes on and I bounce back to how I was before the holiday season, I will make my workouts more intense but for now this is perfect. I feel energized all the time, I sleep like a baby and I stay alert. I'm just so happy to be back in a good routine I can't break, it's a habit now! 

Fingers crossed I will make some good, gooood progress in the weeks to come!

How are your workouts going? Tell me in the comments below!

Stay Healthy


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