Sunday, 3 November 2013

How to Stay on Track

So here's the thing about staying on track...IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Trust me. When it comes to fitness, staying on track forever is just not possible and that's completely fine! it took me a long time to accept that i can't stay on track 24/7, 364 days of the year. (I say 364 instead of 365 because come on...who's going to be on track at Christmas! hahaa) 
Summer 2013
Autumn 2013

My body changes a lot depending on what my life is at the time. I was at my fittest in 2012 because i had more time to focus on my fitness goals but now, i'm doing my A levels and juggling a whole load of things! Back in summer, i was a lot more toned and fit because i had more well as you can see, my abs aren't quite as toned and i've put on a bit of weight. I'm still working out and eating right, but certainly not to the level i was in summer. 

So you could very much say, i've fallen off track! but i'm completely fine with this because i know within a few weeks i will be back on track if not better than i was before. I know i always bounce back, better than i was before...Its not about how you fail, it's about how you pick yourself up from that failure and become stronger! 

Though you can't stay on track all the time, there are certain precautions you can put in place so that you stay on track for as long as possible: 

Tip #1 - Always have a rest day.
You can't expect yourself to workout 7 days a week and actually its rather dangerous for your body. Give yourself a rest day or two a week, your body needs this time to recover. If you overwork yourself, either your body will let you down or your mind will. Let them rest! 

Tip #2 - Treat yourself. 
Ooooooh this is my favourite tip! eating healthy is so important and i honestly enjoy eating healthy and clean but as well as looking after your body, you need to look after your soul! and if your soul wants some chocolate once in a while, then give it some! your progress will not be ruined, its just all about moderation. 

Tip #3 - Live YOUR healthy lifestyle.
Everyone is different. You can't expect yourself to have a training program and meal plan like Usain Bolt or Jessica Ennis! work to your ability and what works with YOUR life. Don't feel pressured to change or be someone you're not. For me, i constantly feel pressure to go Vegan or to hit the gym instead of the outdoor running and home workouts i love. But for now...those things just wouldn't make me happy, neither would they fit in with my lifestyle. If you've gone from no working out to even just 2 workouts a week, that's great for YOU. As long as you're healthier and happier than you were're doing great.

Tip #4 - Keep things exciting and challenge yourself.
Don't stick to the same old routine and same old meals. Change things up every few weeks. Its very easy to get bored with your workouts and meals which can lead to going off track. Changing things up keeps things exciting! I remember when i first started my weight loss journey i was SO excited! To keep that excitement alive, i constantly changed my workouts and tried new healthy recipes. A healthy lifestyle is like a relationship, to keep that love alive you've got to keep things fresh and new!

Tip #5 - Have Goals/dreams/ get it. 
When i feel myself slipping, i always remind myself of where i want to be and who i want to be. This always gives me the kick up my bum i need! hahaa. If i'm not chasing my dreams, then i'm just dreaming. You have to get up and WORK for what you want. 

So, those are just my thoughts on staying on track. As i type this, my abs are on fire from my morning ab workout and already i'm feeling motivated. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to comment them below! 

Stay healthy


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