Monday, 18 November 2013

Cold-Sweat Challenge (Hot for New Years)

It's really starting to get cold outside, especially here in England, so i suspect it's started getting a little chilly across the northern hemisphere. For those of you in the southern hemisphere going into summer, you can still join in with this weeks challenge! 

This weeks challenge is the Cold-Sweat Challenge and as you can see, it will be running for 2 weeks, so feel free to join in whenever during this time:

The Challenge:

Despite that it's getting colder outside (or warmer) I want you to do at least ONE workout outside each week of this challenge and get your SWEAT OOOON! 
You can run, skip, jump rope, hula hoop, cycle, walk, power walk, walk your dog, interval training, HIIT training, a circuit...ANYTHING! 

Just get out into the fresh air and don't shy away from the extreme weather, whether it be super cold or super hot. 

Are you up for this challenge?
I'll probably go for an outdoor run as often as possible!

Comment below what you're planning on doing! 

Stay Healthy



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