Sunday, 27 October 2013

No Treats Week (Hot for New Years)

October is coming to an end and that only means one thing- HALLOWEEN!
A lot of you have voiced your concerns over this particular holiday, saying you don't know how you're going to control yourselves and stay on track. 

Do not fear! I have the perfect challenge to help keep you on track:
(Click here to find out more about the Hot for New Years challenge if you're new here)


The challenge this week is simple. 
Eat healthy and clean all week, up until Thursday(Halloween) when you can treat yourself!
With this challenge, i hope to show you that you can enjoy special occasions despite what your goals are, its all about finding a good balance between being healthy and treating yourself. 

Do you think you can take on this challenge? What are you going to be up to this Halloween? 
Comment below and let me know!

Also! check out this video i posted 'Weight Loss on Halloween',
Hopefully it should give you some extra help to stay on track this week

Stay healthy


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