Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Today's Ab Workout

Strangely, i love the burn you get in your abs from a good ab workout but admittedly, i've been neglecting my abs for a while now. I go through stages where i work super hard to get my abs toned and then when i see the results, i get too comfortable and let it go again. Which is terrible! 

So, i'm back on it! I'm aiming to do an ab workout every morning before i head out to college (No, that's not Uni!) That's the beauty of ab workouts, they don't have to last longer than 10 minutes! They're super quick but intense. Of course, you must remember ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. So if you're not eating right, you simply wont see the results. 

This is the Ab workout i did today: 
Do each move for 1 minute. 

This is one of my favourites because though core strength is key, your entire body is being worked! Your glutes, legs, core, chest and arms! Also with 1 & 3 being such high impact moves, you'll be getting your heart rate up too. Perfect. 

You can do this workout along with me! 

Stay healthy


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