Saturday, 21 September 2013

How to Count Calories

Before i started my weight loss journey, i had no idea what calories were, they were an absolute mystery to me! But now, i am far more familiar with them. Maybe too familiar. I should point out that you DO NOT have to count calories to be healthy, it is not a must. Though i counted calories throughout my weight loss, i very rarely count calories now as i feel more comfortable with just opting for healthier options, so don't feel pressured into counting calories at all! And if you chose to count calories, please don't get obsessed with numbers- calories are just guidelines. 

What are calories? 

A calorie is a unit of energy.
Our bodies NEED energy and we acquire this energy through food and drink.
So the number of calories food or drink contain, tell us how much potential energy they contain. 

How many calories do you need?

Now this is the important part. Everyone is different. That means we all require different amounts of calories. You have to take into account a lot of different factors: Physical activity, age, sex, gender and shape in order to figure out how much energy your body requires. 

So to figure out how many calories you need to maintain/lose/gain weight, you must first calculate your BMR. Basal Metabolic Rate. Follow the link to this awesome website with all of the information and tools you need to figure this all out: 

The website will explain everything you need to know and thus far, has been the safest method for me personally, when figuring out how many calories i need to be eating. 

REMINDER: 300 calories of cake is VERY different from 300 calories of veggies. Remember to EAT HEALTHY. Make sure you're putting good foods into your body. 

Always remember to look at the nutritional label as a whole. Something that might be low in calories could still be crazily high in salt or sugar! So keep an eye out!

As i said before. Calories are just a guideline. They have really helped me to learn about portion sizes and what foods are best for me BUT you can do just as well not counting calories. I rarely count calories now, i just focus on eating clean and healthy and that works for me too. 

I hope this helped.
Stay healthy

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