Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fit Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Fit comes in all shapes and sizes. 

This is something I've been talking about recently because to be honest with you, I am so sick and tired of seeing the same kind of body being referred to as 'fit'. You know that tall, toned, borderline Victoria's Secret model look? yeah. 

Here's the thing, I love Victoria's Secret models, they're bloody gorgeous but mate, so is Serena Williams and she couldn't look more different from them if she tried. Body positivity has made a lot of progress in the last few years but I'm just not seeing that in the fitness community as much. Imagine, Nike has only just released a plus size range but keep in mind that this is a brand that is always ahead of the game so imagine how long it will take for everyone else to catch up. 

I just want women, men and everyone in between to know that no matter what they look like, they can be considered fit. I've seen women twice my age and twice my size run right past me with ease. I've seen girls half my size lift double the weight I could ever even dream of lifting. 

I think if there were more body positivity in the fitness community, people would feel more comfortable with starting a healthy lifestyle and being excited about it. Right now, the whole healthy lifestyle movement feels exclusive to those who look a certain way but it's not. 

So to anyone reading this who's making an effort with starting or living a healthy lifestyle, you are fit. 

Stay Luscious

Wednesday, 19 April 2017



I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with EDEN and it was such a great experience. The shoot captured each stage of my workout from my warm up, stretches and the actual workout. My body isn't your typical 'fit' body but it's strong and fierce. That's all that matters to me. 

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite images from the shoot, I hope you like them! 

Stay Luscious

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Making a workout plan can be daunting at first but it's just about keeping it simple. At the end of the day it's all about just moving your body a bit more! Here's a workout plan using my workout videos: 










So this workout would be really good for beginners! If you want to make it more intense, feel free to repeat workouts a few more times. Let me know if you decide to use this for a week! 

Stay Luscious

Sunday, 15 January 2017

What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight

I'd like to say since losing 50lbs almost 6 years ago now, my weight has stayed exactly the same and weight loss hasn't crossed my mind since but that's just not realistic. We live in a society where it's almost impossible NOT to gain weight.

My job requires me to sit at a computer for hours on end so my life can get pretty sedentary. When I am out and about for my job it usually includes a meeting in a restaurant with yummy (free) food and the most exotic cocktails I've ever heard of. THE TEMPTATION IS REAL. Oh and not to mention my hypothyroidism but that's a story for another day. 

Basically, every few months I make a mental note to shed the extra 5 or so pounds I've managed to unknowingly pile on as that extra 5 pounds can be the difference between hitting my personal best time on a 6 mile run or crawling the last mile. 

One of my  favourite methods to help me lose weight is calorie counting. It's the first method I came across and it's proven to work for me year after year. As I said in my video, this method isn't for everyone. 

Anyhoo, this is what I would eat in a day in order to shed at least 1lb a week: 


1/4 Cup Oats = 152 cals
1 Banana = 65 cals
1Tbs Peanut Butter = 88 cals

Cup of coffee = 20 cals

= 323 Calories 

I don't have a massive appetite when I wake up so this is perfect. The Oats are a complex carb meaning they take longer for your body to break down, so you'll have lasting energy until lunchtime! 


25g Cashew Nuts = 144 cals

mmm my fav nut ;)  This is another complex carb perfect for a mid morning snack to keep you going until lunchtime. 


50g Whole wheat noodles = 176 cals 
15g Black Olives = 25 cals
1 Tbs Free from Pesto = 57 cals
80g Chickpeas = 132 cals

Cup of Green Tea = 0

= 390 Calories

I work from home so I have the luxury of whipping up a meal during my lunch break. I usually have all this stuff in my cupboards but often I throw together whatever I can find. I love adding chickpeas as they add in that much needed bit of protein. 


Mixed fruit Salad = 190 cals

Mid afternoon I get pretty hungry and I just want it to be dinner already. I usually get conscious that I've eaten very little fruit by this time so I throw together some fruit in a bowl. 


250g Sweet Potato = 225 cals
180g Broccoli = 46 cals
50g Sweetcorn = 46 cals
90g Mushrooms = 20 cals

= 337 cals

Now this is when I actually manage to get some veggies into my diet. Mostly because I'm the only plant based one in my house so if my mum is cooking for us all, she'll just make me a bigger portion of veggies that would be part of their meal. 

Total = 1,647 Calories

So this is what I'd eat in a day to lose weight! Give or take a few calories because honestly it's IMPOSSIBLE to be totally accurate so remember it's okay just to estimate. I'm not saying this is the perfect way to eat, my macros may not be balanced well, I may have not hit all my vitamins but this is what works for me :) 

I hope this was a little helpful for you! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Stay Luscious


Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Best Vegan Cookies by Meg

So this amazing recipe is by my wonderful best friend Meg. She has kindly written out the instructions for this particular recipe, she also decided to write it as if it were me because she thinks she's hilarious (she is).  

First, preheat the oven to 180⁰C/Gas 4/fan oven 160⁰C and line a baking tray with baking/greaseproof paper. If, like me, you don’t have any then use some tin foil and lightly grease the top of the foil with some butter.

Beat 100g/4oz of softened butter (dairy free if you’re going for a vegan recipe) in a bowl with 100g/4oz of light muscovado sugar until fully combined and looking delicious!

Next, stir in 1 hearty tablespoon of scrumptious golden syrup until looking luscious.
Then, sieve into the mixture 150g/6oz of self-raising flour in 2 parts. Stir in half of the flour, then add 85g/3oz of chocolate of your choice (can be vegan or otherwise) and the rest of the flour. Stir until combined.

Divide mixture into roughly 14 balls (give or take, depending on how much cookie dough you’ve eaten before getting to this stage), without flattening them and place them on the baking tray well apart from each other so they don’t stick when baking. Let them bake for 12 minutes or until they are pale golden brown around the edges. If you like them chewier then bake for about 11 minutes. 

Cool on a wire rack, and when you ignore this instruction because they smell so good, make sure to have some cold water handy when you burn your mouth.

The cookies will stay fresh in an airtight container for up to 4 days, if they last that long.

Love you lots, meg xxxx

Stay Luscious 

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Happy New Years! What a year 2016 was, my goodness but now it's time to slay the new year so I'm kicking it off with a challenge. 

Hopefully you've watched the video before reading this so here is a break down of The JanuSLAY challenge:

- Download my official App (just search Scola Dondo) and start sharing your journey through this challenge. 

- Use the hashtag JanuSLAY so I can keep an eye on you all on Twitter/Instagram (but I'll mainly be checking my app) (shameless plug)

- Workout at least 3 times a week BUT each workout has to be TOTALLY different. You can't do the same workout in the same week but you can repeat a workout the following week (hope this makes sense) 

- Try a new fruit/vegetable every week. Yup. Things just got REAL! Head to your supermarket and pick up something you've never tried before unless you're a total fruit & veg connoisseur, then just try a new fruit or veg recipe every week (pics or it didn't happen) 

- WATER WATER WATER (Should I really elaborate?) 

- Challenge yourself to try something new! Whether it's a pottery making class or a pole dancing class, go out and do it. 

I'll be doing cheeky giveaway's throughout the month for anyone I think who's slaying my entire existence. Now who's ready to JanuSLAY this?!

Stay Lusicous

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Workout Music | December

I can't get through a workout without music. If you tried to force me to, I would end up singing my way through that workout and make my own playlist. You wouldn't enjoy that because I REALLY can't sing. 

Anyhoo, I haven't updated you on my workout music playlist since the middle of the year so I thought I'd do one last workout playlist update for the year, let's jump in:

1. Do Like That by Koredo Bello

2. Say Nada remix by Shakka

3. Black by Donae'o 

4. Skin Tight by Mr Eazi

5. Mdhara Vachauya by Jah Prayzah 

So there you have it, a few of my favourite songs from my most recent workout playlist. Let me know what you've been jamming out to!

Stay Luscious

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Are you really living?

In the last 2 weeks two people I used to go to school with passed away. I saw them almost everyday for 10 years and now they're gone. I wasn't close to them at all and honestly I hadn't seen either of them since I moved schools but the news hit me hard. They're the same age as me and now they're just gone. 

I just turned 21 and I feel like my life is only just beginning. Before this point we're all pretty much told what to do, we have a routine set out for us and most of us follow it until we're done with education. So I feel this great sense of sadness for my old schoolmates who were just getting started with their lives before they were brutally cut short. 

Now a few months ago I loved nothing more than sitting...well lying in bed doing work, binge watching shows and just avoiding going outside. Then I started feeling this overwhelming fear of death. It sounds bizarre especially as this was before my classmates passed away but I was just scared my time would be cut short so I decided to actually start living. 

The last 3 or so months have been crazy. I've been saying yes to almost anything that comes my way and grabbing every opportunity by the horns. I used to SUCK at texting back friends and making plans but now you can guarantee a reply from me within 24 hours and actually see me at least once a month (at least I'm trying!!) 

Staying inside for more than one day now actually makes me feel anxious. I get the full blown mean reds (where my Breakfast at Tiffany's fans at?!) so that's why I'm hardly ever at home anymore. 

So what was the point of this post? Honestly I just wanted to get this out because it felt weird and I've never dealt with this emotion. I've experienced loss before but I was either too young to understand or it was my grandparents so it felt more natural. This's just scary. 

I hope this post hasn't totally bummed you out, I just needed to let this out and also I hope this reminds you to start living. Get out there and DO something. Don't leave things unsaid and don't let yourself have any regrets. 

Stay Luscious

Friday, 30 September 2016

How To Deal With Failure

Failure isn't an easy thing to deal with, it makes you feel inadequate and you just feel like giving up entirely. I recently failed my first ever driving test and honestly I dealt with that pretty well. I've watched friends get really down about this but I just didn't let it get it to me. So I wanted to chat about how I deal with failure. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How I've been Staying Sweat Free! | Perspirex

Sweating can be a major inconvenience, especially for someone like me who always seems to be late to catch the train. I've gone through all the trouble of layering on the perfume but by the time I've run and caught the train, I'm a sweaty and sometimes smelly mess. 

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